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16 december 2006 16:12
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let me introduce me first. I'm Ayrton and I'm owner of a new project called Arts of the Month .
We will keep monthly different kind of competitions all art-related.
We already made our webdesign and it's already been coded.
And we're recruiting people to be part of the team.
Designers for each categorie although all spots for webdesign are already filled.

We're still looking for some Dedictated html and/ or php coders. To do some stuff, once we're launched everyone in the team should get a contract and if we get a succes we would pay everyone in the crew.

Our deviantart account: http://artsofthemonth.deviantart.com/
Our domain : www.artsofthemonth.com
Our webdesign: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43341324/
Our great team so far: http://artsofthemonth.deviantart.com/myfriends/

PS if you can't be judge or coder we're still looking for sponsors and donators. No SEO men anymore we already have 3 who are working on it. If you have any sugestions for other advertising shoot.

Kind regards

Ik ben nederlands hoor maar dit was een publicatie die ik ook ergens anders postte vandaar

is al beschreven in de details

msn: andre@artsofthemonth.com
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